Rules and Regulations is the alternative to Omegle iOS and web video chat aimed to provide fun and excitement of random chatting to all its users. So, we kindly ask you to follow these simple rules and show respect towards other users:

  1. Please, respect other users. It’s forbidden to:
    • discriminate other users based on their nationality, religion, race, gender, age, or sexial orientation;
    • abuse other users by being rude, using vulgar language, or leaving hostile and disruptive comments, including the ones of sexual nature;
    • threaten and insult your interlocutors.
  2. Sexually offensive behavior towards other users of our Omegle like videochat is prohibited. Do not
    • use obscene (or the ones that may be considered as obscene) words or phrases;
    • demonstrate your bare chest keeping your a face behind the scenes;
    • turn or tilt camera to face your abdomen and below;
    • show up naked or wearing underwear only;
    • demonstrate genitals and other intimate body parts to your interlocutors;
    • touch your genitals and demonstrate erect genitals (even through clothes);
    • ask for, offer, or force your interlocutor to virtual sex;
    • take other actions in the video chat that may be considered as obscene.
  3. Video chat is about talking to real people. Do not substitute your face in front of the cam with irrelevant images, including:
    • image from your display;
    • content from webcam emulators;
    • photos or images;
    • text messages.
  4. No spam allowed. The activities that are considered as spam in Omegle-like video chats include:
    • demonstration or distribution of any promotional content and ads, including video, text, or images;
    • self-promotional and other promotional activities, including asking users to vote, take a survey, visit an URL, etc.;
    • sending any external URLs to other users during text chat;
    • sending bulk text messages to other users.
  5. Please, do not answer with offence to offensive behaviour of other users. There exists a complaints procedure for this:
    • If other user shows an abusive behavior towards you and violates the rules, you are encouraged to complain to a moderator. Please, attach a screenshot proving such behavior, if possible. Moderation is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week;
    • Users, which the numerous complaints registered towards them, will be banned automatically from our videochat. Our system takes numerous factors into account to avoid bans by mistake or misunderstanding.

Our moderators are working hard to prevent the rules violation and and punish violators. We are doing our best to make your experience in our Omegle like video chat smooth and pleasant both on web and iOS. But it’s impossible to keep absolutely everything under control. administration doesn’t bear responsibility for the users’ actions in our videochat. Please, be responsible, and feel free to complain against rule violators. Let’s work together towards making better and more enjoyable!